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    1. Nowadays, telecom industry is facing unprecedented challenges. The rapidly involving technology, complex hybrid network, explosive traffic, increasing diversified demands and expectations from various customer groups and other factors continuously promote the expansion, upgrade and transformation of telecom operators and service providers’ network capacity, product and offer portfolio, business process and IT supporting capability in order to deliver satisfied services, gain more customers and markets and achieve business excellence and success.

      Inspur iOSS Solution

      Inspur, the global leading cloud computing and big data service provider, smart city operator, government and industrial solution provider, has been offering professional solution, personalized products and excellent services for global telecom operators and service providers since 1997.

      Now Inspur has been closely following in the steps of industry development, technology evolution and customer strategies, and committed to driving customer continuous enhancement and promote the digital transformation and business success.

      Key Value

      Health network

      High quality service

      Excellent customer experience

      Quick to market

      Diverse and customized business

      Intelligent, automated and efficient operation

      Enhanced management with reduced cost and improved efficiency

      Rapid IT development and delivery

      5G-based new power and new innovation



      whole network management, supporting full business, multi-domain, multi-vendor

      Closed-loop process

      process-driven, customized workflow


      remarkable automation and efficiency improvement


      full application of big data and AI technologies

      Flexible and Agile

      fast adapt different scenarios and satisfy customer’s demands


      open architecture


      Focusing on the telecom industry, Inspur grows and transforms with global telecom operators and service providers together. Inspur is committed to responding new challenges and solving new problems innovatively by developing technologies and methods.

      +5G: Connect 5G to Industry


      Enable intelligent 5G network and business operation to promote industry transformation.

      Learn More

      Global Practices

      Serve global 130+ telecom customers in 70+ countries and regions from 1997
      Offer professional solutions,products and services and enable your bussiness development and transformation in the unprecedented era

      Since entering telecom industry in 1997, with technology innovation and industry development, Inspur has extended business to full-service operation support, business support, cloud network, IDC, ICT, 5G-based industry applications and others.

      Now Inspur has become the largest OSS solution provider in China, served the big 5 operators of China and cooperates in multiple areas. At the same time, Inspur is actively exploring overseas market. Currently Inspur market has covered more than 130 operators in over 70 countries and regions.

      Contact Us

      • Email: inspur_worldwide@inspur.com
      • Phone: +86-531-85105264
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