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    1. High-End All-Flash Storage HF18000G5

      Inspur HF18000G5 high-end all-flash storage is designed for medium/large-sized enterprises and is oriented to structured and unstructured.

      Key Features

      Advanced Architecture

      Active-Active architecture: Inspur HF-G5 high-end all-flash storage adopts the industry-leading Active-Active storage architecture, of which the HF18000G5 uses a multi-controller PCIe switch loosely coupled architecture and a fully modular design to achieve load balance between controllers, eliminate the performance bottleneck of the controller, improve system high availability, and ensure business continuity.

      Scale-Out architecture: Inspur HF18000G5 high-end all-flash active storage supports online horizontal expansion, up to 16 controllers, and TB-level caches, enabling customers’ storage resources to grow linearly to meet the changing business needs.

      High storage availability: Inspur HF18000G5 high-end all-flash active storage uses a fully redundant architecture, full modularity, redundant cache, redundant power supply fans, and active-active controller design. Key components have no single point of failure. Support online hardware expansion, online firmware upgrade, online system maintenance, and abnormal power failure data protection.

      Unified software platform: Based on the unified software platform, data can be freely migrated between storages. By replacing the controller, HF18000G5 can realize the upgrade from low-end to high-end products, and no data migration is required during the process.

      Intelligent Software Supports

      Intelligent thin-provisioning: Physical space no longer limits the storage resource allocation. Support on-demand allocation to reduce early-stage investment and improve the utilization rate of storage resources.

      Intelligent local replication: Three local data protection mechanisms: clone, snapshot, backup. The combination can meet the needs of application testing, development, analysis, backup, etc. It effectively saves storage space and reduces investment costs. Based on all flash array (AFA), the continuous data protection allows Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR).

      Intelligent volume mirroring: By using volume mirroring, a volume can have two copies. Uninterrupted application IO access when a copy is damaged.

      Intelligent tiering: Support SSD data tiering. Hotspot data can be migrated online between different storages to optimized storage cost and performance, and improve customers’ ROI.

      Intelligent QoS: Dynamic management of volume read/write based on the IO requirement of each application. On-demand resource allocation satisfies the needs of different applications.

      Intelligent online deduplication and compression: Industry-leading time-based variable length real-time online hardware deduplication and compression. The algorithm brings higher data reduction ratio without sacrificing the storage performance. An independent hardware compression card is configured. A license is provided to enable full-capacity deduplication and compression, no license purchase is required if capacity is expanded in the future.

      Intelligent disaster recovery replication: Three disaster recovery replication mechanisms: sync, async, and async periodic. Thus, meet different RTO and RPO requirements, protect business continuity, and support three data centers with two variants.

      Intelligent storage active-active: Inspur HF-G5 all-flash active storage provides an active-active multi-data center topology to achieve RTO=0 and RPO=0, zero data loss, and zero business interruption.

      Intelligent cloud tiering (unique in the industry): Enable the following features in the cloud environment: cache, disaster recovery, backup, etc. Combine the cost-effective and highly-scalable cloud storage with the local data center architecture, and make sure seamless flow of data between the local data center and the public cloud.

      Intelligent management software: A set of software manages the HF-G5 storage platform. Also, an intelligent maintenance management system is built-in to reduce related costs and improve efficiency.

      Technical Specifications




      Multi-controller (Active-Active), with 2 controllers as standard, support up to 48.

      System Cache

      Maximum 650TB


      Maximum 100PB


      Maximum 15,000,000

      Type of Hard Drive


      Number of Hard Drive


      Host Interface

      The system supports a maximum of 1,056 host interfaces, and the system supports a maximum of 256 host interfaces.

      Expansion Port

      12Gb SAS3.0 expansion interface, the system supports a maximum of more than 9,216Gb/s disk channel interface rate.

      Expansion Enclosure

      2U24 (NVMe), 2U24 (SAS), 4U60 (3.5-inch)

      RAID Level

      0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 50, 60, 6-FR

      Advanced Features

      Storage active-active, data snapshot, local replication of data volumes, auto thin-provisioning, auto data tiering, cache partitioning, QoS, remote volume replication (sync/async), dynamic expansion of logical partitions, advanced in-depth performance, SQL and Exchange Recovery.


      Switch cabinet: 64kg

      Controller cabinet: 58kg

      NVMe hard disk enclosure: 35kg

      SAS hard disk enclosure: 35kg


      Switch cabinet: 482×816×218mm 5U

      Controller cabinet: 482×788×133mm 3U

      NVMe hard disk enclosure: 482×540×88mm 2U

      SAS hard disk enclosure: 482×540×88mm 2U

      Power Consumption

      Switch cabinet: 560W

      Controller cabinet: 1,560W

      NVMe hard disk enclosure: 420W

      SAS hard disk enclosure: 430W

      Working Environment

      Temperature: 10~40℃ (operating)

      Humidity: 20~80% (operating)


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