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    1. Distributed Storage AS13000G5-M

      AS13000G5-M is an enterprise-level fully symmetric distributed storage platform for emerging massive data processing applications. It has been designed from 7 aspects and has deployed more than 1,000 sets. It is widely used in video surveillance, radio and television media, high-performance computing, and cloud computing, Big data, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, electronic imaging, and other scenarios.

      Key Features

      Minimalist architecture

      Inspur distributed storage adopts a fully symmetric and decentralized distributed storage architecture. A single cluster provides customers with four storage services of file, block, object and big data, greatly improving storage utilization and ease of management.

      (1) File storage service: AS13000G5 supports standard communication protocols such as CIFS/NFS/FTP/HTTP, supports data sharing and access in different operating systems. provides tiering, enhanced ACL, quota, recycle bin and other functions to meet customers storage needs in different scenarios.

      (2) Block storage service: Provides standard block storage based on ISCSI protocol, supports docking with virtualized cloud platforms, and provides functions such as snapshots, cloning, and thin provisioning to provide flexible storage space and reliable data for virtualization and cloud computing

      (3) Object storage service: It is compatible with S3/Swift protocol and provides multiple SDKs to meet the data backup and data retrieval requirements of big data services in different scenarios. It supports multi-tenancy, multi-source zero copy, WORM and other features.

      (4) Big data storage service: support HDFS API, effectively solve the problem of space waste of the three-copy data storage mode of Hadoop platform and achieve cross-platform data shared access to meet the needs of different applications.

      (5) Distributed database protocol: Support distributed database protocol interface to access storage, use database protocol interface to quickly locate specified files or objects, and manage different attributes of files or objects, which can effectively reduce cluster pressure.

      (6) A single cluster supports NFS/SMB/HTTP/FTP/POSIX/S3/SWIFT and other protocols, providing customers with four storage services of files, blocks, objects and big data, and supports IPV6/IPV4 dual stack networking.

      Extreme performance

      Inspur distributed storage adopts the leading Iturbo engine innovation technology, through small file aggregation, object aggregation, global cache, multi-channel, kernel client and other technologies to provide customers with innovative performance acceleration solutions to comprehensively improve storage system performance.

      (1) The performance grows linearly with the nodes, and through extreme horizontal expansion, it provides users with PB-level performance.

      (2) Provide cache optimization, small file aggregation, object aggregation, automatic tiering and other performance optimization technologies to greatly improve storage performance.

      (3) Support configuring NVDIMM for log acceleration, greatly improving the performance of small files.

      (4) Support global read-write cache, improve cache hit rate, and greatly improve read performance.

      (5) Support CIFS multi-channel, which can greatly improve business performance and reliability, and use other channels to continue data transmission after a single connection channel fails without affecting the business.

      (6) Configure the file-based automatic tiering to achieve intelligent storage and dynamic migration of hot and cold data between different tiering levels.

      Extremely stability

      Inspur distributed storage provides users with powerful data protection capabilities and system availability through industry-leading redundancy design, with data availability up to 99.9999%.

      (1) Support the deployment of 2-8 copies, the maximum erasure is 16+4, and provide advanced erasure (K+M:1) for small scale clusters.

      (2) Provide 4TB/h hard disk reconstruction speed, greatly reducing cluster downtime.

      (3) Provide AI-based disk failure prediction technology to perform planned HDD reconstruction to reduce the risk of data loss and performance degradation.

      (4) Provide triple data protection at the hard disk level, node level, and cabinet level to reduce the risk of data loss.

      (5) Provide HDD anti-misplugging service, customer can insert it back within 5 minutes and continue to use it without data reconstruction.

      Extreme capacity

      Inspur distributed storage provides users with massive storage capacity, and through a series of advanced functions, greatly improves capacity utilization and provides customers with a lower TCO through a leading system architecture.

      (1) Support the expansion of 3-5120 nodes and single cluster provides users with EB-level capacity space.

      (2) Through extreme node-level and hard disk-level balancing, the capacity error rate between disks does not exceed 5%, the error between nodes does not exceed 1%, and the available capacity utilization rate is as high as 95%.

      (3) Storage can support NAS, object and HDFS three storage services to access the same file at the same time with no need to install any client software or plug-in.

      (4) Through the extreme architecture design, a single directory supports 10 million files, and the file system supports tens billions of files.

      (5) Through extreme architecture design, a single bucket supports hundred billions of objects in the object scenario.

      (6) Support the expansion of capacity and performance without service interruption by adding storage nodes to the storage system without downtime. The time to expand a node is no more than 1 minute, and the performance loss is less than 10%.

      (7) Support the capacity reduction without removing the storage node by removing storage nodes from the storage system without downtime. The time for scaling down a node is no more than 1 minute, and the performance loss is less than 5%.

      Extreme cloudification

      Inspur distributed storage provides a standard interface to connect various virtualization platform,containers and cloud platforms to help users achieve efficient data circulation in a hybrid cloud environment.

      (1) Support CSI container interface to meet storage requirements under container cloud.

      (2) Support Manila, Cinder, Swift, S3 and other protocols to connect various private/public clouds.

      (3) Support restful API to connect with various of cloud management platforms.

      Extreme manageability

      Inspur distributed storage management interface adopts humanized GUI designed to provide users with a simple and easy-to-use operation interface. At the same time, through the multi-device management software Inview which support using one unified Web interface to manage multiple sets of clusters, and provide AIOPS function, giving customer an intelligent and efficient operation and maintenance experience.

      (1) Support docking with Inview, provide AIOPS function including advanced functions such as disk failure prediction, performance trend prediction and capacity trend prediction, the overall prediction accuracy rate reaches 99%.

      (2) Support sending alarm information via SMS, email, etc.

      (3) Support QoS based on connection number, bandwidth, etc.

      (4) Support quota management based on directory, user, etc.

      Extreme security

      The release of Inspur distributed storage strictly complies with the enterprise-level high-standard security baseline, and has passed thousands of security tests, covering data security, system security, communication security, and application security, providing users with a secure data storage platform.

      (1) Support WORM function, provide users with different granularity file write protection.

      (2) Support enhanced ACL, providing five different permissions such as read, write, execute, delete, and visual.

      (3) Meet the security baseline requirements, provide features such as user authentication, multiple data encryption protection, and web application hardening to ensure the safe use of storage.

      Technical Specifications




      Storage Service Type



      Up to 5120 nodes


      EB level

      Data Redundancy Protection

      EC (16+4) and multi-copy(2-8) modes

      Hardware specification

      Model Type




      Network Type

      1GE,10GE,25GE,40GE,100GE,100Gb InfiniBand



      Key Features

      online global deduplication, compression, automatic data tiering, remote copy, A-A,5DC, AIOPS, thin provision, QoS, active-active, clone, snapshot, advanced ACL, Multi-tenancy, WORM, intelligent reuse, softcopy, recycle bin, kernel client etc.

      Compatible Platforms and Components

      VMware ESXi NAS/iSCSI, VAAI, OpenStack and CSI


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