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    1. Service Support Engineer

      Job Location Fremont, CA
      Department Service
      Job Type

      Primary Responsibilities

      Service Support Engineer is a service-related position focused on customer technical support, installation service and break & fix service etc. to ensure service delivery can satisfy the customer expectations.

      • Self-motivated, with the ability to proactively take initiative and work independently or within a team environment.
      • The ability to work with engineers across multiple disciplines, as well as customers of various positions including executive level interaction.
      • Coordinate with Engineering team and QM team to identify issues, debug, and resolve all customer issues.
      • Experience managing multiple customer-accounts with standard data center knowledge/experience is a plus.
      • Provide technical support to customer and configure services
      • Assist customer to understand all products and perform demo for various field applications.
      • Install and configure systems and perform troubleshoot on the process and resolve issues.
      • Analyze applications and recommend expert advice for customer.
      • Onsite support and ability to travel is required.


      • Bachelor degree with 3 - 5 years’ experience in IT/Telecom industry at least. Multi-national company working experience is preferred.
      • 2+ years’ related experience with rich experience in server & internet industry.
      • Good at Project management, proficient in Excel
      • Excellent verbal and written skills in English and Mandarin, able to communicate with teams from different region and culture.
      • Innovative, customer oriented, team player and able to work under pressure.
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