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    1. Service RMA Management

      Job Location Fremont, CA, USA
      Department Service
      Job Type

      Primary Responsibilities

      Inspur Systems, Inc.’s Service RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) management is a position focused on service component’s necessity rebalance, inventory management, logistics and repair etc.

      • Manage component planning, inventory, rebalance, logistics, return and repair to ensure smooth operation of components
      • Monitor component operation performance including, but not limited to identification, analysis, and resolution of any abnormal occurrences
      • In accordance to industry trend, be able to predict customer requirement and analyze current market situation to optimize service component strategy.


      • Master degree with 3 years or bachelor degree with 5 years’ experience in IT/Telecom industry at least. Experience with international companies preferred.
      • 2+ years in component stock planning and inventory management
      • Extensive experience in rackserver and computer industry materials management
      • Good at project management, proficient in Excel and PowerPoint
      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Mandarin; able to communicate with teams from different regions and cultures.
      • Excels at establishing good working relationships internally and externally of company
      • Ability to multitask under pressure
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