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    1. Sales Director,Sr BD Manager

      Job Location Fremont,CA,USA
      Department Sales
      Job Type

      Primary Responsibilities

      • Define, develop and maintain a sales strategy in the target account/customer group
      • Develop new business while supporting and growing existing accounts
      • Build solid relationships within defined accounts to achieve sales quotas and profitability forecasts
      • Play a key role in increasing market share for the company’s products and services
      • Generate sales forecasts that meet and exceed regional and corporate revenue targets
      • Represent the company at trade shows, conferences and professional associations
      • Deliver presentations and develop key business relationships internally and externally of the business
      • Assemble, analyze and communicate market conditions and developments


      • Demonstrated and proven experience in achieving sales goals especially on CSP accounts
      • Experience in direct sales with a strong focus on business closing and customer service; experiences in data center solutions industry a big plus
      • Knowledge of rackserver and cloud center techniques necessary
      • Proven ability to perform financial analysis
      • Skilled at communication and presenting technical features of product
      • Ability to work independently within a team-oriented environment
      • Experience in selling technical solutions
      • Strong verbal and written communication and presentation skills
      • Minimum four year college degree or equivalent experience
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