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    1. Total Open Solutions for Tomorrow's Data Center.

      Inspur is back this year with new innovations in compute, AI, storage, and networking to supercharge the open data center. Releases include the Cloud Optimized Rack Solution for SAP HANA with Optane persistent memory; Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI) and UBB-compliant rack scale AI platform; an open storage platform collaboration with Samsung; and network switches supporting the SONiC open source network OS.

      Experience the official interactive booth at the OCP Virtual Summit site.

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      Technology Highlights


      Acceleration of AI on open hardware via Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI) and UBB-compliant rack scale architecture


      Pushing compute performance and flexibility for various applications on a high-density 2U 4-socket cloud-optimized server

      Storage & Networking

      Disaggregated open storage with NVMeoF interface, and interconnect platforms supporting SONiC open network

      See Inspur’s complete OCP product portfolio.

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      May 12


      Summit Keynote

      Adopt Compute, AI, Storage and Total Solutions

      Alan Chang, Inspur Deputy GM & Sr. Director of Server Product Line


      Expo Hall Session

      Innovation in Open Storage Solutions

      Alan Chang, Inspur Deputy GM & Sr. Director of Server Product Line


      Engineering Workshop

      OAM Reference Systems Joint Review

      YJ Huang, Inspur Development Manager, and others

      May 13


      Engineering Workshop

      OCP OpenRMC Joint Overview and Update

      Han Wang, Inspur Senior Architect, and John Leung, Intel Principal Engineer


      Executive Track Session

      From OCP Hardware to OCP Total Solution

      Yinan Liu, Inspur Customer Program Manager

      Product Showcase


      Accelerating AI Hardware Integration with OCP UBB and OAI

      The OAI (Open Accelerator Infrastructure) specification unifies the technical specifications of the accelerator module and simplifies the design complexity of the AI accelerator system, thereby shortening time to market for the hardware system.

      Inspur MX1 21” OAI UBB System

      21-inch rack-scale OAM solution providing scale up with simplified inter-module communication, scale out with input/output bandwidth.

      Disparate network architectures supported through OAM direct connect, delivering increased efficiency, flexibility and manageability.

      Features two OCP interconnect topologies: Hybrid Cube Mesh (HCM), Fully Connected (FC).

      Learn More >>

      Take a look inside the MX1

      A hands-on look inside the MX1 OAI UBB system: its unique tray design, UBB integration, and connecting it to an ON5263M5 OCP compute node.

      OCP Rack Solution for AI

      Use Case 1: OAI UBB Rack with x8 OAM

      • built-in AI acceleration from integrated Intel Deep Learning Boost
      • supports large cluster training

      Use Case 2: Open Rack with x8 JBOG + x4 Compute Nodes

      • flexible GPU pooling
      • supports AI accelerators for various AI applications
      Learn More >>

      High-Density Compute

      Versatile Cloud-Optimized 4-Socket Platform Pushes Boundaries in Density and Compute

      The first high-density cloud-optimized four-socket platform for the CSP market jointly announced by Inspur and Intel at last year’s OCP Global Summit, the Inspur NF8260M5 delivers energy efficiency to enable the highest number of single rack cores while lowering TCO. This cloud optimized solution has been adopted by customers in hyperscale, Fintech Cloud, enterprise and other segments requiring high computing workloads.

      SAP HANA Solution with Intel? Optane?

      Based on the high-density 2U 4-socket Inspur NF8260M5 server, this solution is validated for the second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor, optimized with Intel Optane persistent memory, and certified for SAP HANA?.

      The Inspur OCP Cloud Optimized Rack Solution for SAP HANA is a fully integrated rack solution combining OCP recognized hardware and validated software to provide database capacity that can be doubled for a lower price. Customers who have multiple SAP HANA older gen nodes, where memory capacity is the limiting factor, can upgrade multiple analytics nodes (scale out) into one consolidated analytics node (scale up) with more In Memory database capacity.

      Learn More >>

      Redis Workload Demo on the OCP Accepted 2U 4-Socket NF8260M5

      A hands-on look inside the MX1 OAI UBB system: its unique tray design, UBB integration, and connecting it to an ON5263M5 OCP compute node.

      See OCP Rack Solution for SAP HANA >>

      NF8260M5 Cloud-Opimized High-Density 4-Socket Platform
      • Joint OCP Accepted? contribution by Inspur and Intel
      • Scalable 4P performance for enterprise in a dense 2U form factor
      • Up to two 2000W power supplies to support multi-workloads
      • Flexibly expandable with?eight PCI-E slots
      • Intel Optane Memory
      • SAP HANA Certified
      Learn More >>

      Open Storage

      Open Storage Platform Collaboration with Samsung

      Disaggregated and shared storage solution with a HW infrastructure that will be contributed to the OCP community.

      Disaggregated and Shared NVMeoF Interface New Industry Standard SSD Form Factor
      • The latest PCIe Gen4 based dual-socket system
      • Supports up to 32x NVMe SSDs in 1U
      • Utilizes EDSFF 1U Short (E1.S) Form Factor
      Learn More >>


      Smart Connect (SC) Series Data Center Switches with SONiC Support

      Aggregation Switch

      • Supports up to 32 x 100GE and 8 x 400GE interface cards, 128 100GE or 32 400GE ports
      • Interface card supports hot-swap and redundant design of key components
      • Single-chip centralized forwarding reduces network forwarding delay compared to multi-chip distributed systems
      • Suitable for Spine-leaf data center networks
      Access Switch

      • 48-port 1GE / 10GE / 25GE multiple rate access
      • Redundant design of key components to improve equipment availability
      • Suitable for data center TOR switches

      High-Density Compute to Support the Trusted Supply Chain

      Rack-Level Management

      In order to meet the demands of customers for data center management, maintenance optimization and system design, the OpenRMC project was launched to help small and medium-sized data center customers greatly reduce their IT operation and maintenance costs, simplify software-based rack management and improve efficiency.

      Inspur provides an OpenRMC compliant rack level hardware management infrastructure and rack level software management stack that includes web server service and client tools.

      Learn More >>

      Technology Partnerships

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