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    1. Inspur Equipment Management System


        Inspur’s Equipment management system(EMS) provides end-to-end STB operation and maintenance.

        Inspur EMS is an unified management platform:

        ?       Remote management

        ?       Configuration

        ?       Software upgrade

        ?       Performance statistics

        ?       Diagnosis

        ?       Other features

        Increasing the efficiency of business operation.

        Collecting and analyzing of quality information of operation.

        Applying to any terminal which has built-in protocols with TR069 and TR111.


      Background introduction:

        Through the automatic upgrade management platform, we can increase efficiency and reduce human cost.

        The remote management platform has a well-established policy mechanism to ensure that the terminal configuration tasks can be proceed smoothly.

        ?       Selecting of the criteria for the terminal configuration task

        ?       Setup a pilot task to verify the result of a upcoming task in large scale.

        ?       You can setup the event triggers, dynamic or static upgrade rules.

        ?       A brief description for the special situation.

        ?       Selecting of task mode - scheduled, real-time, run only once or periodic operation.

        ?       Timely notification of the working result.

      Solution introduction:

        Warning Management

        Online Warning

        ?       Warning Information – malfunction of CPE, service warning and failures, operation warning. Supports timely online warning information.

        ?       Query and pivot.

        Warning Analysis

        ?       Fault warning - Aware of service performance in advance according to the warning information. Take active correction or maintenance to satisfy our customers.

        ?       Warning Analysis - is according to different CPE manufacturer, warning categories, type and frequency.

        Service Activation

        Zero-touch configuration flow

        ?       Provided with automatic delivery of business data.

        ?       Terminals could perform activated task online which extremely reduces manpower resource.


      The client's return:

        1.  Service Issue

        ?       By connecting the platform to B / OSS system, it supports value-added services via well defined workflow.

        2.  Multi-Service

        ?       IPTV、OTT、VOIP、Multi-Terminal、Network .

        3.  Service Management、Template and Scheduled-task Management

        ?       Easily define and manage different services type, service configuration templates and service orders triggered by scheduled-task.


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