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    1. Accelerate real-time business
      innovation with SAP HANA

      Inspur delivers SAP HANA solutions that provide a powerful, reliable, in-memory data engine to provide real-time access for SAP business applications and integration of analytics into business processes.

      Optimal Performance

      Optimized SAP HANA solutions provide high bandwidth and low latency with PCIe SSD and IB technologies

      99.999% Availability Platform

      80+ RAS features enable a high reliable environment for mission-critical applications

      Flexible Offerings

      Single-Node and Scale-Out offerings to meet the needs of SMEs and large-scale enterprises

      SAP HANA Platform

      Inspur TS860M5 for SAP HANA

      The new generation 8-socket mission critical server

      Learn More

      Inspur NF8260M5 for SAP HANA

      Scalable high density 4-socket computing platform for critical applications

      Learn More

      Inspur NF5280M5 for SAP HANA

      Flexible configurations 2-socket server for various application scenarios

      Learn More
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