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    1. Leading AI Solution Provider

      At Inspur, we strive to push forward the frontier of AI computing, acclerating the devolopment of AI industry with customers across the globe. As one of the world’s leading AI solution provider, Inspur has the industry’s most comprehensive AI portfolio.


      Full-stack AI Capabilities

      Full-stack AI Capabilities, featuring AI Computing Platform, AI Resource Suite, Algorithm Toolkit and Vertical AI Solutions.

      Accelerate AI Innovation

      Industry’s most comprehensive AI server portfolio, powering AI transformation from Cloud to the Edge

      Adoption Across Industries

      Fueling innovation across AI scenarios for industry users including Internet, finance, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare and more.

      AIStation Inference Platform

      An AI Model Management & Computing Resource Scheduling Software Specially Designed for Enterprise-level AI Inference Scenarios

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      A Unique 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 Server

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      16 GPU AI Server

      2PetaFLOPS Extreme Performance in One Server, Accelerated by 16 NVSwitch-empowered V100 GPUs

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      What we deliver

      We have the industry’s most comprehensive AI portfolio, featuring AI Computing Platform, AI Resource Platform, Algorithm Toolkit Platform and E2E AI Solutions.

      AI Computing Platform

      Industry’s most comprehensive AI server portfolio, drive AI insight and innovation from cloud to the edge.

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      Extreme Performance
      Extreme Interconnection
      Extreme Scalability

      AI Resource Platform

      Shorten developement cycle, improve resource utilization to ensure efficient AI development.

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      Fine-grained GPU schedule
      Integrate AI dev workflow with IDE
      Efficient Datas et Management

      Algorithm Toolkit Platform

      Easy to deploy, one-stop algorithm toolkit to empower time-to-solution

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      On-Premise & Cloud Deployment
      Effortless AI Dev
      GUI Supported

      Accelerate AI Dev with Powerful AI System and Agile AI Resource Platform


      OnePlus needed computing power for the development of AI Camera. Multi-users? access the GPU cluster with little scheduling and low efficiency.


      Inspur AGX-2 (8*V100) provides pioneering? computing power for model training; and AIStation,? one-stop AI development platform of unified scheduling of computing resource and AI software stack for efficient development.


      At OnePlus, utilization of AI computing resource has reached over 90%. Training tasks per day has increased over 70%.?

      White Paper

      Inspur Systems NF5468M5 Review 4U 8x GPU Server

      In this review, we have covered many aspects of the Inspur Systems NF5468M5. We gave an in-depth hardware overview. We showed the system topology as well as the web management interface. We hit various aspects of performance including CPU, GPU, networking, storage, and power consumption.

      Extreme Performance
      Extreme Storage
      Extreme Topology
      Designed for Hyperscaler & Large CSPs
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