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    1. Inspur i48

      A brand-new high-density 4U multi-node modular

      Key Features

      Suitable for large-scale high-density deployments

      8*NS5488M5 compute nodes can be deployed within a 4U rack height. This deployment density is twice as high of that of other rackmount servers. The i48 supports the large-scale computing requirements of high-density data centers. It also enables a uniform deployment of 4* compute and storage

      nodes within a 4U space, which makes it suitable for virtualization and hyper-convergence applications. In addition, it offers a high storage deployment that includes 2* nodes and 72* hard drives within a 4U space. This deployment meets high-density and large-scale storage requirements.

      Optimized port design

      The excellent scalability of the i48 gives it an advantage over other high-density servers. For instance, it supports up to 6* PCIe devices within a 4U8N compute node configuration. The i48 also provides a NUMA-Balanced hardware design for PCIe expansion devices and NVMe devices, which can improve performance by 20% or more. The front-accessible I/O expansion slots further facilitates regular maintenance. prevention design for the system's fans, so as to prevent high-temperature backflows in the channels.

      Effortless cluster implementation and maintenance

      The multi-node and modular design of the i48 allows it to easily achieve the integration of multiple nodes, which can be applied to enable rapid deliveries and rack-mount implementation. The i48 supports CMC redundancy management modules and realizes a unified management of all nodes within the chassis. A 1G network convergence module is configurable to realize a common external network for the entire chassis, thus allowing for the easy management of server clusters.

      Ideal cooling solution

      The i48 has an independent cooling channel for the centralized cooling of server hot spots such as CPU storage, power, and external PCIe devices. The cooling system prevents temperature flow between hot spots.

      The i48 is able to realize the isolation of hot and cold channels for external PCIe devices, which greatly increases cooling efficiency. The server has a backflow

      Technical Specifications

      i48 chassis



      Standard 4U chassis supports 8* compute nodes, 4* balance nodes, 2* storage nodes, or a dual-path 72* hard drive storage


      5* rear fan modules with N+1 redundancy, tool-free disassembly, and backflow prevention

      Power supply

      2+2/3+1 redundancy, 1300W/1600W/2000W platinum power supply 100V-240V AV, 240V HVDC

      System management

      Internal BMC Aspeed2500 chip per node. The entire chassis supports CMC management module, CMC 1+1 redundancy, and one IPMI interface


      448mm (W) x 175.5mm (H) x 895.5mm (D)


      Chassis weight: 30 kg

      Gross weight

      78 Kg: server and 8 NS5488M5 nodes

      98 Kg: server and 4 NS5484M5 nodes

      120 Kg: server and 2 NS5482M5 nodes

      120 Kg: server and 1 NS5482M5 nodes + 1 NS5482JD storage enclosure

      Operating temperature

      Storage temperature (packed): -40℃~70℃; Storage temperature (unpacked):

      -40℃~55℃; Operating temperature: 5℃~40℃

      Operating temperatures may vary due to configurations. Please contact our technical support for more information.

      i48 nodes


      2* Intel® Xeon® scalable processors 2 UPI interconnected chains with maximum speed of 10.4 GT/s per chain, maximum power of 165 W


      Intel C624/C621


      Supports 16* DDR4 DIMMs, supports up to 2933 Mhz memory and OptaneTM PMem

      Storage controller

      SATA controller on motherboard, supports RAID 0/1/5/10 3108 RAID card supports RAID 0/1/10/1E/5/6/10/50


      Each node has a SUV connector that expands 2* USB 2.0 ports and 1* USB3.0 port, 1* VGA port, and 1* DB9 serial port

      Network port

      Each node supports 1* OCP card/PHY card and standard PCIe network cards


      Chassis 1:

      NS5488M5 node supports three storage solutions

      Supports up to 4*2.5'' SATA/SAS/SSD/NVMe hard drives and 2* M.2 SSDs

      Chassis 2:

      NS5484M5 node supports three storage solutions

      Supports up to 2*2.5'' SATA/SAS/SSD/NVMe hard drives, 12* 3.5"/2.5" hard drives, and 2* M.2 SSDs

      Chassis 3:

      NS5482M5 node supports three storage solutions

      Supports up to 2*2.5'' SATA/SAS/SSD/NVMe hard drives, 36* 3.5"/2.5" hard drives, and 2* M.2 SSDs



      Inspur i48

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